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L-ko 30.09.2008 17:47

Two new species of Rineloricaria (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the rio Iguašu basin, southern Brazil
Leonardo F. S. Ingenito, Miriam S. Ghazzi, Luiz F. Duboc and VinÝcius Abilhoa

Rineloricaria langei and R. maacki, new species, are described from upper and middle regions of the rio Iguašu basin, a left bank tributary of the rio Paranß basin, southern Brazil. Rineloricaria langei has narrow body and is similar to R. quadrensis, which is found in coastal rivers of Rio Grande do Sul State and is distinguishable by several morphometric characters. Rineloricaria maacki is distinguishable from all other congeners by the shape and extension of the naked area of the ventral region of pectoral girdle and other morphological characters. The presence of a naked region on the abdominal surface is shared with other species from the rio Paranß and rio Uruguay basins and coastal drainages from southeastern and southern Brazil. This may indicate a close phylogenetic relationship among these species. Similarities between the two new species and species from the aforementioned drainages also suggest close biogeographic relationship between the Paranß basin and other Brazilian coastal Atlantic drainages throughout the rio Iguašu basin.
Quelle: Neotropical Ichthyology, 6(3):355-366, 2008


Viele GrŘ▀e

Norman 30.09.2008 20:57

Hallo Zusammen,

Diese Arbeit zeigt auf dass IsbrŘcker wohl ein Fehler unterlaufen sei, indem er bei der Splittung von Rineloricaria die Art R.nigricauda der Gattung Hemiloricaria zuordnete. Die Merkmale zeigen wohl eindeutig darauf hin dass es sich um eine Rineloricaria-Art handelt.
Die beschriebene Art R.langei ist recht schmal fŘr eine Rineloricaria-Art, die Merkmale sprechen jedoch wohl dafŘr.

viele GrŘ▀e

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