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Armbruster: The species of the Hypostomus cochliodon group

ARMBRUSTER, John W. 2003:
The species of the Hypostomus cochliodon group (Siluriformes: Loricariidae). Zootaxa 249:1-60.


The Hypostomus cochliodon group consists of eight species that were formerly recognized as Cochliodon: Kner: H. cochliodon Kner, H. hondae (Regan), H. levis (Pearson), H. oculeus (Fowler), H. plecostomoides (Eigenmann), H. pospisili (Schultz, a synonym of H. hondae), H. pyrineusi (Miranda-Ribeiro), and H. taphorni (Lilyestrom) and four additional species described herein: H. ericius, H. hemicochliodon, H. pagei, and H. sculpodon. The species occur in four phenetic groups: The intermediate group of H. hemicochliodon and H. sculpodon that appear to be transitional species between other Hypostomus and the H. cochliodon group in terms of diet and tooth shape, a monotypic group containing H. cochliodon, a group characterized by a odontodeless opercle that contains H. ericius, H. levis, H. oculeus, H. pyrineusi, and H. taphorni, and an undifferentiated northern group that contains H. hondae, H. pagei, and H. plecostomoides.

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